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Title: Scarred
Author/Artist: lilycat81
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Remus/Bill/Harry
Prompt or Summary: anoneknewmoose requested: “Suprise me? Werewolf dominance struggles, bottom!Harry (though I'm not a fan of a wimpy bottom--he should still have a personality and push the tops a bit) or broken!Harry, UST, bondage, D/s, breathplay, leather (ZOMG collars), tattoos (especially sex!magical or just plain magical ones), piercings, Parselsmut, biting and dub-con are all love, as are fleshed out characters and alliteration...and crack. ;)”
A/N: Thank you tamlane, for the gentle but thorough beta. ;) anoneknewmoose, I’m so sorry that I failed completely on a couple of your requests, but I think (or hope, more accurately) this is sort of what you had in mind. I think I got a moment or two of the alliteration and crack for you. I hope you enjoy it!

Everyone said that it was a shame – that he’d been such a handsome young man before. But as Remus watched Bill lean over Harry, his brutally scarred face twisted into a snarl as his long hair fell in red-gold streams over the freckled skin of his bare shoulders, Remus thought privately, as he often did in the company of his young lovers, that Bill had never been more attractive.

It may have had something to do, Remus could admit to himself, with the fact that those scars were indirectly responsible for bringing the three men together. It was serendipity at its finest.

Harry gasped as Bill nipped at his lower abdomen, shoving his trousers and pants down over the smooth, pale skin of his hips and licking a path towards his rapidly burgeoning erection. Bill snorted unsympathetically as Harry began to writhe beneath him, at first whimpering and finally glaring.

“Fine,” snapped Harry, his eyes blazing as he reached for his own cock. “You can just watch then.”

Remus tried unsuccessfully to stifle his chuckle, earning him his own scathing look from Harry. Bill caught his eye, and the two men exchanged quiet smiles. Harry was delicious even at his worst (a fact to which he was totally oblivious, for which Remus was exceptionally grateful), but like this – impatient, irritated, flushed and glassy-eyed with arousal – he was breathtaking.

Remus shifted closer to the other men, finally abandoning the book he’d been halfheartedly skimming. Bill had swatted Harry’s hand away and was licking a slow path from the base of his cock to the tip, steadfastly ignoring Harry’s pleas and curses as he paused before resuming the torturously slow pace. Pressing himself against Harry’s side, he slid one hand down over his waist and hips.

As he slipped his hand around Harry’s prick and Bill’s slowly laving tongue, reaching for the tightly drawn sack beneath, a low growl sounded from Bill’s throat. Bill pulled away abruptly and froze, his expression fiery as he noted the close proximity of Remus’s hand.

Remus met his gaze unblinkingly, every muscle in his body taught and ready for a fight. He snarled softly, challenging him to protest further, but Bill remained silent, averting his eyes after a few moments and withdrawing to the far edge of the bed, looking very sullen. Harry caught Remus’s eyes with a concerned expression, looking mildly nervous. Remus held his gaze, feeling the tension of the moment slip from his body as he smiled reassuringly.

Yanking the remaining clothing down with a quick tug, Remus then kicked off his own trousers. Harry was watching him intently, his lips parted slightly as his chest heaved visibly with every breath. There was a lovely rosy flush starting at his cheeks and spreading down his body. His eyes were trained on Remus’s left forearm, and Remus tamped down on the sudden urge to flee the room as his own face flushed with shame. He would have given anything to be free of the mark that lurked there – especially given the scene that he knew was about to follow.

In the next moment, Harry was pushing him onto his back, crawling over him and hissing angrily at the serpent branded onto Remus’s skin. The snake was uncoiling slowly, and appeared to be sneering as it swayed back and forth, its hisses sounding somewhat sly, exceedingly snide, and strangely sing-song.

Harry’s flush was no longer the rosy glow of arousal, but the angry red of fury.

“I’ve had it with that snake!” he snapped, pouncing on Remus’s forearm in a rage, parseltongue evidently abandoned for the time being. In the pandemonium that followed, Remus barely managed to pull Harry off, holding him at arm’s length and gasping for breath.

“We’ve discussed this before, Harry,” he said, trying to sound appropriately stern.

As he began the speech that he’d perfected over the months and could now recite on auto-pilot, he took a moment to indulge in a well-deserved spot of self-pity. While all of the ex-Death Eaters had to deal with the shame of the Dark Mark, he was quite sure that he was the only one to have to mediate arguments between his lover and his tattoo on a regular basis. It was like the anti-gift that kept on giving.

The spy job really wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be, he thought with more than a hint of resentment.

Remus leaned in for a kiss, nipping gently at Harry’s lips before releasing him and pulling away, pushing Harry back down onto the bed. He moved slowly, deliberately, as he slid down Harry’s body, pressing open-mouthed kisses into his neck, biting down on one of his slender shoulders, laving the tight buds of his nipples. Skillfully exploiting the most sensitive – as well as some of the most ticklish – areas of Harry’s torso, Remus eventually arrived at the trail of soft black hairs leading from his navel to his crotch.

He sat up slightly, making sure to catch Harry’s eye before letting his own gaze drop further, to where Harry’s erection jutted from a patch of wiry black curls. He felt his gut clench in anticipation as he watched Harry’s prick darken further and twitch slightly under his gaze, evidently enjoying the attention.

Harry let out a low moan as he wriggled anxiously beneath Remus. The sound seemed to spur Bill to action, as he promptly appeared at Remus’s side, kissing him deeply before burying his face in the older man’s neck, kissing and nuzzling softly.

Bill recovered quickly, as he always did. The flashes of confrontation were inevitable in a sexual relationship that involved two werewolves, though they’d become few and far between as the relationship progressed. There was never a real question of dominance – a man exhibiting selected characteristics of a werewolf was no match for a full-fledged creature. The brief skirmishes were more a matter of instinct than actual challenge.

Growing impatient again, Harry reached once more for his own cock with a huff of irritation. In one efficient gesture, Remus had pinned him in place on the bed with an iron grasp, his arm thrown across his chest and arms. Harry struggled briefly before going limp and staring up in surrender. He lay panting for a moment before opening his eyes and looking pleadingly up at Remus and Bill.

“I’d say that’s worth a collar, wouldn’t you, Bill?” Remus inquired with deceptive casualty.

Bill’s eyes lit up. “Definitely worth a collar. Perhaps a leash too?”

Harry whimpered softly, wriggling in place. The soft strip of leather being fastened around his neck only seemed to increase his impatience. Remus licked his lips – his mouth had suddenly gone very dry. The sight was stunning, Harry pinned immobile and completely nude; the black leather shone against his pale, rosy skin and the purpled head of his cock was now leaking clear drops of pre-come onto his flat belly.


The word was so soft it was almost a whimper. Remus could feel the blood rush south, his heart pounding as it redirected the flow to his now throbbing erection. He glanced at Bill, who was staring intently at Harry with the same need that Remus felt pounding in his veins. He seemed to feel Remus’s gaze as he turned to meet his eyes a moment later, the hungry expression only intensifying as he took in Remus’s state of arousal.

Remus released his grip on Harry and felt himself tumbling backwards as Harry pounced on him, a combination of wiry strength and extreme sexual frustration.

“I never have been able to resist your begging,” he admitted ruefully as he looked up into triumphant green eyes.

“I know,” Harry replied, looking very happy as he reached for Bill and yanked him into the embrace. “Good thing, too. Wouldn’t be here now if we didn’t have the power of persuasion on our side.”

He and Bill laughed softly and Remus felt the familiar stirrings of guilt. Bill caught his expression and quit laughing immediately.

“Hey,” he began quietly, pushing Remus’s hair out of his eyes. “We’ve been through this. We needed you.”

Harry leaned in for a kiss. “We still do. We need each other.”

And it was true. Not even Remus’s ever-present guilty conscience could counter that argument, despite his shame at becoming sexually involved with not one, but two, of his friends’ sons. There were nights that James and Lily haunted his dreams; he could only imagine what they would say about it if they were alive.

But then, if they were alive, the equation would have been all wrong. Harry wouldn’t have needed two sometimes violently possessive men to shower him with affection. Similarly, if Bill had never been attacked, Remus doubted very much that he would ever have sought out the older werewolf for companionship. There were so many variables, so many qualifiers that had led them to this point. And now that they’d arrived, not even Remus could deny that they needed each other.

Apparently satisfied that they’d been successful in reassuring him, Harry grew more insistent, the rhythm of his tongue against Remus’s matched by the thrusting of his hips. Remus felt a hand slide between their bodies and noted that Bill had wrapped himself around Harry, sinewy arms holding him tight against his own body as he began to grind against him. Thick pink ropes of scar tissue trailed over his strong arms – dividing and bordering sections of smooth, freckled skin.

Harry sighed softly as Bill pulled him upright by the leash, letting his head fall back onto Bill’s shoulder. Remus followed quickly, pressing himself against Harry’s chest and leaning past him to reach Bill’s lips. He let his hands sift through long, silky strands of red as they shared a kiss of pure hunger – a clashing of tongue and teeth, punctuated by more thrusting and grinding. A strangled cry from Harry reminded them both that he was currently sandwiched between them – the color of his eyes nearly eclipsed by the black of his pupils as they dilated.

“Now,” he panted, pressing his backside against Bill’s erection and pushing back hard, getting the room he needed to go down on hands and knees before him.

Remus chuckled softly at the expression on Bill’s face as Harry wriggled his arse against his prick - now heavy with blood, urging him on wordlessly. It was good that Harry was ready, he mused, because Bill was certainly no longer in the state of mind to be gentle. Bill tossed Remus the end of the leash with a cursory glance, his eyes trained intently on the pale globes of Harry’s arse as he continued to wiggle them impatiently.

As Bill stilled the movement of Harry’s hips long enough to prepare him – a process that Harry seemed to find more than satisfactory, if the whimpers and moans falling from his parted lips were any indication – Remus trailed his fingers through the untidy black strands of Harry’s hair, struggling valiantly to resist the temptation to hold him in place and fuck his mouth hard.

As Bill lined his cock up with Harry’s hole and began to slide in, his eyes falling shut and his mouth falling open in bliss and relief, Harry’s head dropped forward with a small cry, his cheek brushing Remus’s neglected erection, and Remus found the lure too difficult to resist. With a gentle press of the hips, he slid the sensitized crown of his cock against Harry’s mouth and moaned deeply as Harry’s pink tongue darted out to lap up the droplets of clear fluid he’d left on his soft lips. He tugged gently on the leash, holding him in place and tapping Harry’s lips with his cock again.

Needing no other prompting, Harry parted his lips and licked teasingly at the slit of Remus’s weeping prick before swallowing it down with a grace that Remus would have found disturbing, had it not been for the mind-blowing ecstasy that he was enjoying. It was Harry’s favorite game – he’d beg and plead so prettily, all the while pushing his lovers into a frenzy of lust that would eventually cause them to lose control. Despite his own reservations, Remus knew that there was nothing Harry liked more than wild, totally unrestrained sex in the relative safety of his two lovers.

Bill was fucking Harry within an inch of his life now, growling as he slid forward again and again, his long slender fingers digging into the soft, pale skin of Harry’s hips as he held him steady under the punishing pace of his thrusts. Harry’s groans resonated throughout his mouth and throat, making Remus cry out as the sensitized skin of his cock vibrated with the sound. The sight of Bill’s dark, swollen prick stretching Harry’s arsehole wide, sliding in and out with the snapping of Bill’s hips, nearly sent him over the edge.

He wound his fingers tighter in Harry’s unruly black hair, unable to help himself anymore as one hand dropped to grab the leather collar. He managed a fleeting hope that he wasn’t hurting his lover before losing all control and slamming himself deep into his throat, pushing forward until Harry’s nose was buried in the curls of his pubic hair. He felt Harry inhale deeply, deliberately, and it left him completely undone as he began to rock wildly against his face, watching slack-jawed as his turgid length slid between the soft pink lips, shiny and wet.

“Bill,” he rasped.

Bill met his gaze, an understanding in his deep blue eyes as he released his grip on one of Harry’s hips and reached around to caress his engorged prick. Harry moaned around Remus’s cock, moving suddenly faster, as though he couldn’t decide whether to press himself backwards against Bill’s cock, or forward into the grip of Bill’s hand.

Bill went first, his body going still and frozen momentarily as he roared his release before his hips began thrusting wildly, riding out the waves of his orgasm. Remus felt the vibrations of Harry’s cries as he came all over Bill’s hand and the comforter with long, thick ropes of semen. Within moments, Remus felt his own body tensing to an impossible degree – his vision blurring slightly as he continued to thrust madly into Harry’s mouth. Finally, with the howl of a true werewolf, the string snapped and he was dimly aware of tightening both fists in Harry’s hair as he came hard, emptying himself into Harry’s mouth as his hips continued to rock weakly.

They sat motionless for several seconds, panting for breath, before Remus flopped backwards onto the bed. Bill and Harry followed, Harry pulling them both tighter against his sides before snuggling into his pillow.

“Thought I might’ve pushed you too far for a bit there,” he murmured sleepily. His voice was hoarse, strained, and Remus felt a wave of guilt wash over him as he realized why.

Bill raised an eyebrow. “Really? Would that have been when I was gripping your hips hard enough to break them while ramming my cock up your inadequately prepared arsehole? Or when Remus had you by the collar with his cock down your throat?” His tone was light, but there was a note of tension in his voice, and Remus knew that Bill was also feeling guilty.

Harry gestured dismissively in his direction. "It's how I like it."

The roughness of his voice, the fact that he might have actually been scared – it was too much. It was enough to make Remus swear off sex forever.

As if aware of Remus’s train of thought, Harry curled against his side, pulling Bill with him, and threw an arm and a leg over his body, holding him in place as he rested his head on Remus’s chest. The guilt didn’t vanish, but it did fade in the light of the warm glow spreading through his body as he lay with Harry and Bill.

“Love you so much,” he muttered sleepily before drifting off again.

It was a delicate balance of aggression and tenderness, lighthearted banter and quiet companionship, raw lust and deep, abiding love. It was, quite possibly, the least conventional example possible of (three) people being scarred, damaged, and undeniably imperfect, yet completely perfect for one another.

All feedback will be noted and treasured. :)
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